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Evelyn Beckman


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Evelyn Beckman


Student of Architecture, Fine Art, Art History, Seamstress, Banker, Graphic Designer, Art Director, Sewing Instructor, Hotel VIP Concierge, Student of Business, Marketing, and History, Student of Asian Aesthetics, Interior Designer and Contractor, Art Gallery Owner and Curator, Property Manager, Book Development Coordinator, Special Event Planner and Coordinator, and Beauty & Color Consultant, all these experiences have come together for me with an interwoven theme, to give new life to objects, buildings, and people. To restore, preserve, reinvent what has been thrown away, or given up on, to inspire and motivate others to see what they have never seen before. I am an idea person, with a vision, faith, confidence, a relentless determination, and resourcefulness, developing that idea into reality. I find it rewarding to put the pieces together, to build something from those pieces, as well as putting people together. I want to bring them all back to life!
One chair, one building, and one person at a time! 

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