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 310 West Broad Street

Bethlehem, PA 18018

Evelyn Beckman



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Ambre Studio, an A.W. Leh building

Built in 1888 with the growth of Bethlehem this Queen Anne style was built by A.W. Leh, the area's most prominent architect.  It's first honor was the town pharmacist with a residence above the store.

Building-history . . . .

In 2004 Evelyn Beckman created the vision and dream of owning a fine art gallery and event space. She researched for a building to house that gallery and design studio space.  She designed and managed the restoration project for the former owner of 310.  The building has been a winner of several architectural awards in conjunction with the efforts of Beckman and working with the architectural firm, Artefact. With the building owner’s faith in her and her dream, the gallery became a reality. Original elements of the building have been restored and those missing have been reproduced.  Special features are the original stained glass windows, birch and tile flooring, tiger eye's doorknobs upstairs, with 12 ft ceilings, and many more.

Owners/Tenants of 310 W. Broad Street

1888-1890 F.E. Jacobson Drugs

1893-1904 C.F. Metzger-Metzger Medicine Mfg.

1904-1910 Siegfired Quality Drug Store

1911-1917 R. J. Wotring Drugs

1917-1925 W.E. Reichard Drugs

1925-1927 Ruth's Drugs

1927-1954 Youngs Drug Store-Edwin H. Young & Tommy Young

1954-1968 Redline's Drug Store-Charles Redline

1968-1981 Mack Drugs-Jim McBreaty

1981-2004 Karate Studio; surgical supply store; vitamin/health food store; Dreamscape Comics

2004-Ambre Studios

For more information on Ambre Studio and A.W. Leh the book "A Living Legacy-Architecture of A.W. Leh" by Kenneth F. Raniere is available for purchase at Ambre Studio. This 269 page book complete with photos of the original buildings and current images is an excellent source of architectural history in Southeastern, PA.